Meet Your 2016-2017 Exec


Avelaine Freeman, President:

“Hey there! I’m Avelaine Freeman, and I’ll be serving as this year’s RSUS president. My studies are in Archaeology and Western Religions with a minor in Ancient History. I’m thrilled and grateful to be spearheading such an incredible team of people this year, and I can’t wait for everything we have in store for you in the upcoming months. You can always feel free to contact me with any RSUS or religious studies questions at”


Sybill Chen, VP External:

“Hello! My name is Sybill Chen, and I will be the VP-External for RSUS for the 2016-17 academic year. Finally finishing my degree in Islamic Studies and Asian Religious studies, I am incredibly excited to bridge RSUS to the greater McGill community this year!”


Aanchal Bhattacharya, VP Internal:

“Hi, everyone! My name is Aanchal Bhattacharya and I am ecstatic to be serving as your RSUS VP Internal this year. I am pursuing a joint honors degree in History and Religious Studies with a specialization in South Asian Studies and Religions. If you have any questions or just want to know anything and everything about the Faculty then definitely holler at me, as I will directly be communicating with your professors and school members. Since it’s my second home, you can find me roaming around in Birks building 24/7!”


Edward Ross, VP Finance:

“Hi, everyone! My name’s Edward Ross and I am your VP Finance for the 2016-2017 year. I am a U3 Asian Religions and Classics student with a minor in History. I also have a slight obsession with Ancient Greek Buddhists in Bactria. I am super excited to see all of you at our upcoming events this year!”


Serisha Iyar, VP Events:

“Whaddup Fam! My name is Serisha Iyar and I will be serving as the VP Events for RSUS this year. I’m in my fourth and final year majoring in political science with a minor in world religions. I’m so stoked to meet you all at our events!”


Alanna Moore, VP Communications:

“Hey, guys! My name’s Alanna Moore and I am extremely excited about being the RSUS VP Communications this year. I’m a U2 student doing a double major in World Religions and Cultural Studies. I’ll be the one sending you all your ~favourite~ listervs, so I hope you enjoy reading them!!!”